Saturday, September 5, 2009 to explain Heaven

So Caleb, Alethia, and I took a walk to the Jesus statue again today. We went on a different route than usual and walked by the other statue on campus, which is women looking upward and holding the burial clothes of Jesus.

Alethia said, "Woman hold towels, brown towels."

To which I replied in all my brilliance, "Yes! The women are holding Jesus' old towels but Jesus isn't there anymore, he's in Heaven."

She said, "Where's Heaven?"

I said, "Heaven's way up in the sky."

She said, "No Mommy. Heaven's in the rock. Jesus is stuck in the rock."

She's right, the Jesus in the statue is stuck in a rock......hmmmm.......I guess that's why we don't worship statues, huh?? They're just stuck in a rock.

And again, I wish I had a wonderful way to explain the statue Jesus and the Heavenly Jesus, but alas I wasn't so brilliant today (maybe I should've eaten Total or Wheeties for breakfast, then I'd think faster on my feet!!).

All I could come up with was, "Yeah, that picture of Jesus is stuck in a rock, but the real Jesus is up in Heaven."

And of course her response was, "No Mommy, Heaven is stuck in a rock with Jesus."

Maybe when they're older they'll understand, but for now apparently we're teaching our children to pray to a guy who's just stuck in a rock......parenting tips anyone!!??!!

Thank you Lord that You're not stuck in a rock, and that you bring us to a point where we can start to grasp you a little more!!!!

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  1. Oh I was SOOO thinking these same thoughts this last week!!! Jackson prays now a lot. The other day he stopped in the middle of playing and said "Thank you God for giving me toys" and my heart melted. =) But I've also discovered that having a toddler makes theology discussions more confusing than ever!! "Why do we pray to Jesus AND to God!?" "Where is heaven?" "Why is it in the sky?" "Can Jesus fly like Superman?" etc. Siiiiigh. =) My only tip is to keep talking about him every day and making him a normal part of your life (as I'm sure ya'll do) and eventually things will start clicking. Jackson now understands things that I thought for the longest time wouldn't get through to him!