Friday, September 4, 2009

Proud Wife

You know, I'm so proud of Chris. I just really am proud of the person who he is. I loved him on our wedding day but he has changed soooo much since that day. He's so patient and gentle and encouraging to me. I've noticed it especially through this moving process. He's a very self-controlled husband, and I see it and appreciate it so much.
He wants to love me well.
He wants me to be happy.
He wants me to have peace and joy and friendships and love.
He wants me to be excited about our life together.
And he wants to do whatever he can to make those things happen.

He is such a gift to me. And it's been really neat to watch the various faculty and staff here meet and get to know Chris. He's already becoming a gift to them as well. When we moved in, there was no accessible way for Chris to enter the apartment gated entrance, the main door, the fire door, and our apartment door. We knew this was the case before we came and Chris said he just wanted to get here and we'd work it out once we were here. The people we spoke to prior to coming were trying to make the changes but it involves a lot of people, decision, finances, and approval.

This is what makes me proud of Chris. He never complained, but as he met various people on staff, he would ask them to take a walk with him. He would tell them his life story and how he ended up here and as they strolled, each person would see first-hand how many physical obstacles prevented Chris from entering his own home. It only took 1 day of this before Chris received a phone call the next day stating that the entire apt building would be made accessible by the end of the upcoming week and for us to expect contractors at our door the next morning to start the modifications.

And so I'm proud. You see, many people knew that a person who is quadriplegic was going to be starting classes here. But it wasn't until they met Chris that it was able to be pushed through immediately. And that tells me that there is something very unique about my husband. He's not just a number, he's not just a student, he's not just a quadriplegic, he's Chris Skinner. And although we all are uniquely and wonderfully made, there TRULY is only one Chris know what I mean by that only if you've had the opportunity to meet him. I'll never meet another person like him. And it's hard for me to believe that I get to be the woman who spends the rest of her life with him. I am truly blessed.


  1. He is a one of a kind great guy. We miss and love you guys!

  2. I love you guys! Reading this made me cry :) I really miss you all so much and so appreciate you guys. You are such a blessing. Thank you for being such an amazing influence in our lives. We love you. Talk to you soon, Kate Martin :)

  3. You both are wonderfully special and I am proud to know you both my sweet friends!