Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love!!

Today is Chris' birthday! (November 14th, actually, not the 9th like it says above.....since I'm technologically challenged I don't know how to fix such things)
However, here is my love letter to you sweetie!!

What you mean to me is hard to put into words
You're my strength
You're my hope

You're my stabilizing force
My reminder of life's precious gift

You have laid your life down for me

You suffer in pain to bring me a day of peace
a day of joy

You wait patiently when others would demand

You encourage me
encourage my strengths

encourage my hopes

encourage my dreams

You encourage me to change and encourage me to stay the same

You are kind in your face

kind in your words

kind in your touch

With you I will be taken to places that I could only dream of

A life of adventure that NO ONE else could take me on

A life of experiences that NO ONE else could give me

A life of passion that NO ONE else could show me

You live life hard

You live life full
You live life complete

NOTHING and NO ONE holds you back

You PUSH the limits

You PRESS the edges

You GO and GO and GO
and when they say you can't, you prove that you CAN

Chris, it brings nothing but shear joy and pure passion to my life
to watch your dreams form, to listen to your visions, to watch them come to fruition....
Where you go I will follow

Where you dream I will encourage

And as you live I hope to bring honor to your name and joy to your heart.

You are my husband, whom God has given me
I could have no greater gift than the Lord himself.


  1. Beautiful, Suzie.
    Happy Birthday, Chris. I'm sure it'll be wonderful! =)
    Miss you guys.

  2. YOu two are the BEST! Love and miss you both so much. I need your new address. Can you please e mail it to me? Happy Birthday Chris my brother from another mother with the same perfect father!

  3. What a lovely, lovely poem. Happy Birthday, Chris! I think she loves you. Me too.

  4. well written suz'! i'm sure he just loved it!! :)