Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweet Alethia

So the other night Caleb was having some constipation issues. Chris and I had been back in their room 3 times since we'd put them to bed an hour earlier with him trying to "get it out" but having no luck.

Well, the last time I finished changing his diaper and putting him to bed I turned to head towards the door and Alethia stood up in her crib, put her hands together in a prayer position, and said, "Mommy, bow your head."

I giggled a minute (I don't have a clue where she learned the whole fold-your-hands-and-bow-your-head thing) and then quickly obeyed.

She said, "Dear Jesus, please help Caleb poo-poo....and um, um, num, ahh....thank you for poo-poo....and um, num, aaahh....Caleb.....poo-poo out. In Jesus Name....AMEN!"

It was the sweetest thing ever!!!

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