Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thankful Day

Thanksgiving didn't exactly turn out as planned....Chris got sick and we sent the kids upstairs to our friends' for the day, but I'm sooo thankful for all that we have. The kids had a great day and even made a thanksgiving day turkey out of their feet and hands (see Caleb's picture), the day was beautiful and they got to play all day long with our friends. So they were super excited and giggly when they came back home to us.....

Thankful for:
Our new friends
Our old friends
The chance to have the day off and spend it with my husband even though he didn't feel well
The glorious weather that we've had (until this week...yuck it actually got cold here!)
A wonderful job that I enjoy
Having twins - it's truly a double blessing of joy!
I'm just filled with thanks for all of the people in my life and the circumstances that we live in!!! We are truly blessed!

1 comment:

  1. good friends are so valuable! Miss you guys so much! Glad you had a good day together and I hope Chris is feeling better.