Saturday, December 5, 2009


Alethia Joy means Truth and Joy......She truly is a TRUE joy! There are so many aspects to Alethia's developing personality and I love them ALL!
She is truly joyful, giggly, plays jokes all the time, loves to tickle and be tickled, is almost always smiling - she's even easy to get to smile when she's whining and upset - it's not long at all until she's giggling at you when she's trying to "be calm".

She is a thinker and an observer. This little girl really soaks things in. She watches people and she studies them, learns how the act, learns if she can trust them, learns, learns, learns. And THEN she lets her true self be known and be shown.

She is persistent and not afraid of a good challenge. Alethia loves to figure out how to do things on her own. She does puzzles in a heartbeat, she taught herself how to take her shoes off, her socks off, and put her shoes on without ever asking Chris or I how to do it. She is a self-starter, motivated, and isn't afraid to work hard at something until she figures out how to do it. She puts her time in without ever whining or crying or even letting you know she's working on something new. She just gets alone and works until she accomplishes it!

She is the best cuddler around! She knows just how to wrap her whole body around you and get her face right into your neck so that you can even let go and she doesn't even slide an inch.

She's my spunky monkey, my cuddle-bug, my thinker, and my true joy!! Thank you Lord for such a precious little girl. May she always know how special she is!

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