Monday, February 15, 2010


Oh Caleb Jorryn. Can I tell you how much I adore this little boy!! He is so full of life, he amazes me! His name means, "Faithful one whom God loves."
I think about that name as I watch him grow and develop. I'm learning who he is and he amazes and intrigues me. What a combination of traits.

FAITHFUL. I always think of faithful being the same as loyal. And he is definitely loyal. He's loyal to Alethia through and through. When we first moved to Texas and had to learn how to share all the outside toys with every other kid in our building Caleb would always be watching to make sure no one came and took Alethia's toy. He'd stomp his feet and yell, "No!! Thas Lai Lai's!! Thas NOT his!!!" Even as he gets better about sharing, he is still very protective over his sister's toys (of course it's ok for him to take them, but definitely NOT anyone else!).

ONE WHOM GOD LOVES. This little boy truly is grasping at a very deep level the fact that God loves HIM. He really is. He talks about God throughout the day, everyday. He repeats whatever we tell him about God and asks more questions as well. For instance, some of his recent comments.....

When he was starting to whine and I told him to make a good choice or he'd have to go to time-out he immediately said, "I make good choice Mommy. Jesus helps me make good choices. Jesus helps me."

When he was going to sleep one night I said, "It's time to go to sleep now. So if you can't fall asleep then talk to Jesus. You can ask Him how He makes the snow, or the sun, you can ask Him anything you can think of." Caleb said, "Jesus made the snow and the sun and our toy cars and the wagon outside......He did a good job Mommy!"

Last week Chris and Amanda (our Nanny) were in the car with the kids and an ambulance rode by and Caleb said, "God please help them feel better. In Jesus Name AMEN."

You know, it makes me think.....I think that faithful does not just mean loyal, or someone who keeps their word. I think in Caleb's case it really means that he is FULL OF FAITH. And to watch a two year old be interested and passionate about God and Jesus and to want to pray as much as he does, it humbles me.

Yes, he does spend a lot of time in time-out right now. And he is very determined to have things done his way. But imagine what good things God will do in his life when
his determination
his passion
his assertiveness
are all steered towards and surrendored to Jesus. You think his Daddy is doing great things for God?? Look out world, we've got another one growing up with the same traits who will get to watch his Daddy pursue God with all his heart and with all his strength everyday of his life. He's already watching his Daddy push through pain and fatigue and go against the odds to learn about Jesus. Do you think Caleb isn't learning to do the same thing? Oh he is. He truly is. He pays attention to it all. And ANYTHING that has to do with God is intriguing to him. It really is whether it's a story, a picture, a movie, or a song, he is absorbing it all and locked in with all of his attention.

Oh the joys that this little warrior brings to my heart. He's affectionate, passionate, determined, loving, gentle, and loyal. Oh Lord, take his heart and make it aligned with Yours that he would be captivated by Your love for him and pursue You with everything in his being!

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