Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow in Dallas Texas??? For Real

We had REAL snow in Dallas Texas today!!! How crazy is that?? The WHOLE day it has snowed - about 4" so far which is unheard of in Dallas!!!
Unfortunately I had to work and Chris had class, but our Super-Nanny Amanda was wonderful enough to take pictures of the kids playing outside today!
they made a real snowman too!!!

And we learned the sad part of building a snowman too........

Caleb, "We made a snowman!!"
Mommy and Daddy, "You did??!!??"
Caleb, "Yeah, but the big kids stepped on it and knocked it down!"
Mommy and Daddy, "Oh, I'm sorry!"
Caleb, "Well, thas ok. We jus build another one tmorrow!"

Lesson learned, excellent!

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