Saturday, February 6, 2010

Something I NEVER want to do again

OK, so this is a late post, but one that HAS to be done. If I had had the energy at the time, I would've taken pictures (not gross pictures, but pictures).

What's the most miserable 24 hours I've ever spent??

January 10-11, 2010


All four members of our family got the stomach bug in the same 24 hours. SERIOUSLY, I NEVER want to do that again!!
I've never been so sick and still had 3 other people needing me to take care of them as they were equally sick!

Throws up 4 times in the afternoon but is mostly lethargic and grumpy
Throws up a few hours after Caleb conveniently in Walmart!! All over her, all over the cart, all over the floor - NICE! She then throws up 3 times IN the car on the 5 minute ride home - in the carseat, on the floor, on the door getting out of the car, then in the parking lot on the way in the building. Over the next 3 hours she threw up 10 TIMES. I stopped counting after that as I began to feel sick and Chris had already begun to feel sick. We all threw up all night long.

And for those who've never thrown up with 2 year olds.......
You'll need a LOT of towels
A LOT of trashbags
A LOT of wipes
But, if you cover every surface in your home with plastic and towels, I think you'll be just fine for the first round of vomit.

Bottom line??
We had 5 loads of laundry that was simply covered in vomit. Oh yes, it's true! We haven't mastered the whole "lean over the potty while you throw up" method. We just stand in front of the potty and open our mouths as it flies out. VERY NICE, I know!

So, I can chalk that up as an experience that I never wish to repeat - EVER EVER AGAIN!

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