Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patrick Skinner

As the time for the memorial grew closer and closer I prayed for God to give me something of comfort to share at the service.

"Oh Lord, if you are the One who gives life and brings souls to live with You for eternity, please show me your perspective, please show me what to say, what to share. Please give us hope in You. I know that you are real and we all need You more than ever before."

The following poem is the result of these prayers.......

Patrick Skinner
What words come to mind when I hear your name?
What vision appears as I speak it, your name?
Sharp and quick your mind never is dull.
Smarter than most you rise above us all.
Your gifted intelligence is easy to see
clear as the waves crashing down at the sea.
Your young mind experimented with sharks and with snakes
exploring this world with no fear and no quakes.
Your thinking is different, quite different indeed.
You put us to shame with your wit and your speed.
You're witty and funny and clever on top
which makes being around you a wonderful stop.
I now pause to wonder what God sees in you.
Is it different than me, could that be true?
Oh Lord please show me, please show me Your view
as You look at Your Patrick, You made him, it's true.
As God starts to answer it's almost as if He tells me to be still, to listen, to sit.
For what He will say may bless me, may be
precious to hear, precious indeed.

My child you've asked me what do I see
Oh I long to show you come, listen to Me.

I gave him a gift, many gifts in fact.
I gave him ability, wit, and tact.
I made him attractive in heart and in looks.
I made him appealing, whatever it took.
I made him this way to watch him explore;
explore the great world, the bugs, and the coral.
He's one who yearned for wisdom and truth
for knowledge, understanding, discernment to boot.
Here's what I want you to learn from this man,
that I do things on purpose and with a set plan.
His life on earth has meaning you see.
It was how I drew him to knowing about Me.
I used his curiosity, his questioning, his quest
to show him about Me, that I want what's best.
And now though you're sad and your heart yearns for him,
I finally have my son, I have him.
I've longed for the day to hold him, you see
and so I brought him home to now be with Me.
He's safe in My arms and finally at rest.
He found me during his life's searching quest.

And now that I have him know that this is true,
I'm looking down and calling you too.
Your life here is short and I long for your eyes
to allow your pain to gaze upward to the skies.
For I made you too with your own unique gifts.
I want nothing less than to hold you and lift
the burden you carry is too heavy indeed.
Give it to Me that I may hold it, you'll see
that My strength and My power is driven by love
for you My dear child to know from above
that I am your Daddy and want you with Me.
Allow me to live in your heart and let Me
show you My heart, My thoughts and My love
that when your days end you come up above
to be with Me here in Heaven and share
a home with your Patrick, no worries or cares.
For there is no more mourning or sorrow with me.
I love you My child and want you to see
the glory of Patrick's new home is true.
He's living with Jesus who also wants you
to open your eyes and see, really see
that this is the way for you to be free.
Know that I'm your Father and there is only one
truth and it is to follow My son.
Jesus is real and Patrick My son
opened his heart that we may be one.

Now it's your turn, it's your turn to choose.
Is it darkness and lies, or life, light, and truth?
If you let me show you, oh the glory you'll see
and you'll surely find your way back to Me,
that when your days on earth here are done
you too will be with the Father and Son.

Thank you Lord, thank you.

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