Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patrick Stories....Continued

Patrick lived with Chris and I for the first 1 year and 8 months of our marriage. It was a blast. His room was in the basement but we shared the kitchen upstairs. This was the time when I was first introduced to the "crockpot" diet. Patrick came upstairs every morning and the first thing he did was to get out his crockpot and add chicken, vegetables, and any other leftovers or fluids that happened to be in the fridge. By the afternoon the smell filled the house, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not. He then would eat his crockpot creation the rest of the day and eat the leftovers for breakfast before beginning his next creation.......ahhh Patrick. I will never look at a crockpot again without thinking of you!

Although he was the most brilliant and witty person I've ever met, I must say that his brilliance was accompanied by a tendency for losing things. He never once left our house in one trip. Oh no, he would go out to his car and eminently return 30 seconds later searching for his the kitchen, the living room, the basement....backup the stairs, out to the car....back into the house in a quest to find his the kitchen, the living room, the basement....back up the stairs, out to the car.....back into the house in a quest for his wallet.....etc. Oh it made me giggle each time!!! And it also brought comfort as I find myself doing the same exact thing!
The icing on the cake??? When we got to his home in Orlando last week we found 3 ipods. His friend told us that she asked him one time why he had 3 ipods. He told her that he lost the first one, so he bought a second. Then he lost the second and bought a third. Then he found the first and second and now has 3!!

I've mentioned that Patrick was clever. One day while he was bored downstairs he took a large kosher pickel and introduced the world to "Mr. Pickle." He put glasses on Mr. Pickle and took pictures of Mr. Pickle with his dog Bella, next to a post card, next to a computer, next to sports on TV. He told a story about Mr. Pickle and how he was dog-friendly, liked to travel, was a shrewd businessman, and loved to hang out with the guys. And the best part???? He actually sold Mr. Pickle on Ebay for $4!!!!

Bella, Bella, Bella.
Bella is Patrick's 8 pound Boston Terrier. Bella and Patrick were inseparable. He loved that dog! He taught her every trick that she knows while he was living in Radford. She can sit, lay down, jump-spin in the air, give high-five, play dead when he shoots her with his finger, and balance a piece of dogfood on her nose until he finally said she could eat it....then it'd disappear before you could see what happened! She is now 8 years old and just as hyper as a puppy.....I guess she really does take after Patrick....he never sat still as long as I knew him.....always pacing, talking with his hands.....constantly thinking up new ideas.....moving, moving, moving!

I truly love Patrick and he is truly missed


  1. Such good memories. That picture of bella is so cute. Where is she now?

  2. She's with a lady that Patrick worked with and used to dog sit for him. She's finally gotten settled in I think.