Sunday, April 11, 2010


Having a very social Daddy pays when you're turning 3!!! It means you have 31 people at your party!!! Seriously, we had sooo much fun with all of our friends!!! Here are a few highlights.......

When asked about their birthday party, Caleb and Alethia both focused in on the cake - Alethia had to have a pink cake with pink frosting and strawberries on top. And, being a boy, Caleb said he wanted a blue cake with blue frosting and blueberries on top (I don't even think he liked blueberries the last time he tried them....but they're blue!!).

So they got their birthday wish!!!

Caleb did not hesitate to blow out his candles!!

Alethia required a little more encouragement but she got those candles!!!

After loading up with sugar we headed outside to enjoy one of their presents.....a bubble-blower!!! Nice work Jenny and Josh!!! All the kids loved it!!!

I really felt part of a family here this week. I haven't been very organized or good with details lately and this week, leading up to the birthday party I was blessed with so many friends wanting to pitch in.

On Monday Chris called and told me that he'd talked to our friends Josh and Jenny and he worked with Jenny to get an evite together and a list of people to invite, so that was completely done for me. Jenny helped me figure out how much food we needed and other details planning the party! Amanda, our nanny, got the reservation information together for me so that I knew how to request the community room in our apartment building for the party. Lenita and Garland supplied all the drinks, Beth and Jessica brought chips, Jenny and Josh brought ice-cream, and Grace and David took pictures. And it may sound like I took charge and asked all of these people for of them approached me and volunteered to help in any way!!! What a gift it was!!! Then during the party, I didn't have to worry about serving food or cleaning up.....every one who came just took care of it. So Chris and I just enjoyed the day with our children....truly our double blessing from the Lord. When we came back inside from playing with bubbles the entire party had been cleaned up and the room put back together, even the trash was taken back. Amazing!

So thank you so much to all of you who came and helped with all of the details. It was such a special day for Caleb and Alethia.....they truly felt loved by all of you.....especially Momo and Papa with all of their behind-the-scenes efforts!! Papa had to save Alethia's cake - Mommy wrote: HAPPY BIRTDAY ALETHIA
Thank you Papa for being spell check.....he wrote in a tiny "H" after the fact and saved the cake!!! Poor Mommy is still waiting for those brain cells to return from 3 years too long to wait?? Should I begin accepting the fact that I'm just a scattered little Mommy and that's ok??!!?? Good thing God surrounds me with so many people to pick up the pieces around me!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday cuties :) Still amazed 3 is all ready here.