Sunday, April 11, 2010


What a gift this is. Truly. Chris always reminds me that Caleb and Alethia are ours on loan from the Lord. They are God's children first, His creation. We are here to do the best we can to teach them about God and fill their hearts with love, hope, courage, wisdom, and understanding. What a joy they have brought to my life. I can't fully express it but my heart truly does bubble over with joy when I'm with each of them. The gift of twins is so amazing - their bond, so strong - my heart is much more than doubled with them in my life. And getting to share their lives with Chris is the biggest blessing of it all. I love him so, so much and I love watching him interact with Caleb and Alethia. They truly love their Daddy. Caleb says it all the time, every night at dinner he eats his food and says, "I'm gonna grow big and strong like Daddy and get a with lights and a horn and cool wheels like Daddy's." Now THAT is a little boy whose Daddy is his hero! And Alethia, precious Alethia ALWAYS corrects me when I tell her that she's my little girl, "No I Daddy's girl!" Whenever she's hurt in any way, or even just sad, her tears seem to result in a cry, "I want my Daddy!!!!" And what's funny to me is that Chris will come in and simply say, "You're ok Alethia, get up and come see Daddy." And that's all it takes. She climbs on his lap and just gets her Daddy love. It's all she needs!

But today, their actual birthday was a day filled with Grandparents!!! Momo and Papa were here until naptime.....and we had so much fun!!! They played inside for a while and then decided to take their scooters on campus for the first time!!!!

Momo and Papa are always up for anything! They just want to have fun!!! So off we went on campus after some giggling at home first!!!

Our giggles moved from the sofa to the trees.....

Momo showed Alethia the flowers - pink of course!!! Momo and Papa are always the best sources for any outdoor facts!!!

Momo and the kids played by the tree.....

Aaaaahhhhh, Papa and Momo! What a gift they are to our lives. They would do anything for Chris, me, Caleb, or Alethia. They wouldn't hesitate! And I'm so thankful for that!! I love their visits and so do Chris and the kids! Thank you for making this weekend the best weekend ever for the kids!!! They'll miss you as will Chris and I!! We love you!!!

After Momo and Papa left for the airport Caleb and Alethia were able to open their presents from Nana and PopPop while we talked to them on skype on the computer. It was great!! It was like another visit!!! So much fun!!! Thanks for the stuffed animals....they played with them the rest of the night!!

THEN they got to talk to Daddy (he flew to Virginia today for more speaking this week) and Gramps on skype on our computer.....and they got to open Gramps' present.....walkie talkies that flip open like cell phones!!! Now they can talk to each other in separate rooms!! So they don't ever have to be alone!!! They're so cute!! They loved it!! And it was great to see Gramps!!!

What a weekend!!! It was one filled with love!!! Thank you everyone for loving us!!!

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