Thursday, June 17, 2010


Five days before we left for our trip to Portsmouth, England Chris developed a pressure sore which could be compromised and worsen when he sits upright in a chair. This poses a problem when it comes to the normal airline seats which we were supposed to ride in for our trip. However, Chris went to the airport 3 days before our trip and explained the situation and we were able to have all four seats upgraded to Club seating which are seats that fully recline into a bed. The set up was perfect because the kids were able to sit in an enclosed area that was more secluded for them.

Here they are watching their movie before bedtime.....

Once we landed we had 2 guys pick us up from the airport. They'd never met us before but the volunteered to get up at 5 AM to drive to London and pick us up.....then they waited 1 1/2 hours for us to get off the plane, go through customs, get Chris' wheelchair, and get our luggage! Here's the accessible van that Chris is able to use while we're here.....

After we got to Portsmouth we met some folks at church and headed to a cookout. Below is Marianne, a friend from last summer, and John, one of guys who picked us up at the airport...

Here's Chris and Chris. Chris picked us up from the airport too, since we needed 2 cars....we don't all fit in one!

A great first day......we got in bed by 9pm. We tried to stay awake as long as possible so that we'd get caught up from our jet lag on that first night! WHEW! We made it here!! AND, Chris' pressure sore was almost completely healed by the time we go to the flat, 24 hours after we took off in the airplane from Texas - it had gotten worse and worse throughout last week, but was healed on the plane....the only possibility is that God chose to do it, there's no other reason for it to heal considering how much pressure was on it with minimal ability to relieve the pressure - thank you Lord!!! He really does love us!!!


  1. What a wonderful story! God is SO good. Seems like you guys are settled well in UK. Hope the kids are enjoying every bit of it!!
    Hugs and love,
    grace and david

  2. thanks so much grace and david!! you got us here! you're the best!