Saturday, June 19, 2010


So our first official day in England after a good night's sleep we spent together as a family walking around the area where we're staying. We're staying in a flat that is right near the dockyard so when the kids saw the boats that was all they could focus on - Caleb kept saying he wanted to go on a tugboat. So, we did our best and found him a bit more than a "tugboat"!! We found an old ship that we were able to tour and the kids thought it was amazing....they took off exploring every aspect of the ship!! it was tons of fun watching them run with excitement and chat with each other about every little thing that they saw! I love just listening to their conversations!

What a gift this has been.....time with Chris and the kids.....a breath of fresh air. I just love enjoying them and watching them and giggling with them and hugging them.....I just know that I have been given such huge gifts in my life and I want to take the time to enjoy every gift that I've been given. So that's what we've done today!!

After our tour we got together with our friends' Audrey and Gareth and their wonderful kids - they've really embraced us like last year but the kids have REALLY loved them. I think they are the reason that the kids are feeling so relaxed and comfortable here!

We'll have to be careful.....they may leave here with an english accent - or at least english phrases!!! Caleb already told me that the ketchup bottle in the store was "quite red" (a very english thing to say....Gareth and Audrey's kids say "quite" a lot!!).

I'm feeling refreshed and thankful!
What a gift!!!

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  1. Praising God for refreshing you my lovely friend