Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So we've had some speed bumps along the way on our trip thus far in Portsmouth, England. But we are carrying on with Chris in the lead. I cherish his perspective so much! He's said so often in the past that the little and big challenges that we may face are only speed bumps, not road blocks.
It's good wisdom coming out of a weekend where he's had bad urinary tract infection symptoms with new antibiotics that weren't seeming to help, and a computer that crashed which held all of his notes and presentation including movie clips for his first sermon on Sunday (it crashed Saturday when he was about to work on it again - he lost everything and we had to write it all out by hand from memory because we had no other computer to read the USB that he'd saved it on as backup - then that didn't even work for some reason on the computers at the church on Sunday).

He rolled off the stage and immediately into the car to go to the doctor and try to get some treatment to feel better. Sunday was the worst pain he'd felt since he'd gotten here and even since before we left, which is really saying something.

But here's the result of all of that.......between the two of us we've heard from about 5-6 people individually that what he spoke about on Sunday really confirmed or gave them better direction from God with what He's been doing in their lives. People have talked to us about it and how they're feeling closer to God now, that it was a springboard in their relationship with Him. Now I don't say that to try to make Chris look amazing (even though I think he is), I say that to make God look amazing. He can take a "broken" man (so to speak, a man in tremendous pain) and "broken" notes and "broken" technology and he can shine forth His Truth and His Purpose and His Direction in order to lead people who are essentially strangers to Chris. Chris may know a few people here as aquaintences, but he's certainly not had an opportunity to get to know the heart and deep thoughts and needs of every person here, yet God goes before him and directs the steps of Chris and each individual person who attended the service in order to allow each of us to experience more of Him in our lives. Now THAT is an amazing God.

So although there are speedbumps, they're certainly not slowing down God's desire to reach the hearts of individual people of Portsmouth, England......not to mention reaching our hearts!

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