Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, unfortunately, our computer crashed and we haven't had internet working at home while we've been in England. I haven't seemed to master the art of posting blogs while keeping an eye on two 3 year olds at the church around all new people that they've never met before, thus the delay in blog posts from our trip thus far!

Given the lack of computer and the inability of our computer to load pictures (not sure why, but i've tried several times to load even just one picture and it's taking 15 minutes with no response), we'll have to wait until we return from England to add pictures to any blog posts.........but otherwise, it's been a great trip!!!

I really do feel so spoiled to have this time with Chris and the kids all to myself with no other committments - what a joy! We pick a different park to go to each day, it's great!!! (well, the kids and I do, Chris is busily working at the church)

So, sorry for the lack of pics and the lack of posts, but we'll see if we can get a little consistency as the trip continues!

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