Thursday, July 1, 2010


One of my friends here, Marianne, invited the kids and I to go to a free weekly music class with her and her two kids. This week was the second week that we attended and it was so much fun! The kids are already looking forward to next week. I really enjoy the teacher of the class and the creativity that she uses in the program. All of the instruments that the kids use during the class are made out of recycled items, like shakers from plastic water bottles or empty diaper cream containers. They made their drums out of empty formula containers and then fancied them up with some decorations. I love that type of thing and I love for the kids to think along those lines since their imaginations are already so much greater than mine!

So after the first week we saved some empty plastic water bottles to make our own shakers at home. We got a bag of pistachios that were still in the shell and we had a snack. The kids learned how to open the pistachio shells to get the nut and then they put the empty shells in their water bottles. They each got to decide how many shells were enough for their shakers and then we taped the lids on to make them very tight. Then they each decorated their own bottles however they wanted. It was sooo much fun, especially for me because I am sooo not naturally crafty and so I got proud of myself for coming up with such an "advanced" craft!!! (That's as advanced as I can do believe me!!!).

Well, when we got to class yesterday Caleb and Alethia were so excited to use their new shakers and show their teacher! She was so proud of them that she asked Caleb to tell the whole class what he brought and how he made it......and he did it! Just like his Daddy, public speaking at an early age! It was really cute.

Aaaahhh the joys of three year olds!

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