Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today I decided would be a day dedicated to cleaning our flat and doing laundry. I was actually excited about it, just got in one of those moods last night I guess. Anyway, the kids are always wanting to "help" sweep and mop at home and have done it from time to time but usually it's just for pretend, not when there's much real dirt. So I figured today was as good a time as any for me to teach them how to clean for real.

We started with picking up their toys and them helping me organize our room as well (now this is definitely not anything new to them. Chris is sure to always have them pick up their toys every day before naptime and before bedtime). Then I gave Caleb a broom and Alethia a dustpan and brush and they "worked" on the living room floors. They worked for quite some time while I vacumed their room and the hallway. They really did focus on cleaning that whole time. Every few minutes Caleb would come running into the room where I was and yell over the vacume, "Mommy I cleanin. I really good at this!" Then he'd scamper back to the living room for two more minutes and then return to me to be sure I still knew that he's good at sweeping!

Then the exciting part came. Caleb and Alethia were both a little leary of the vacume cleaner so I took off the hose and showed them how I can pick up one piece of dirt at a time using the hose. They loved that idea and for the next 45 minutes we vacumed one dustball at a time in our bedroom - literally 45 minutes! (So this wasn't the most expedient way to clean the flat, but it was fun and educational!!). Of course after that I had started something really great and we had to continue it in the living room as well.

Overall, even though it took from 9:00 - 12:00 to vacume 2 bedrooms a hallway and part of a living room in a small England flat, it was definitely worth the fun of learning!

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