Saturday, July 3, 2010


Like I mentioned in my last post, we've had so many people who have intentionally made an effort to befriend us here at King's Church. One thing that has blessed me even more than those who have sought out Chris and I is the fact that people have also put forth effort to befriend Caleb and Alethia. It's so fun to see folks intentionally try to make our children feel comfortable and loved while we're here. There are so many people.

Sarah is one person who has seen the kids since day one. She is frequently at King's Church during the weekdays and whenever we've entered the building she has made a purpose to welcome Caleb, Alethia, and I (Chris is usually already there). She has gone out of her way to make the kids feel comfortable around her.....she even gave Alethia a PINK BRACELET!! It doesn't get much better than that in Alethia's eyes! I have truly been blessed by her consistency and her love.

Lee is a high school student who Chris and I fell in love with last summer. He's great!! Ever since we got here he has really tried to get on Caleb's good side. Try as he might to resist it, Caleb gives in every time to Lee's tickles and peek-a-boo's! It's really fun to watch and the kids definitely are getting to know Lee well.

Jimmy. Now, Chris and I may think Jimmy is great, and Caleb is beginning to recognize him and think he's funny, but he's got one major thing going against him on his path to building trust in his relationship with Caleb and Alethia.......he dresses up like a tiger every Friday night at King's Kids. Now, granted, he's not a scary tiger. He's a tiger who leads games and runs back and forth across a stage and gives out prizes. However, he's still a tiger and after watching Jungle Book as an intro to King's Kids where a tiger bites a bear on the bottom, I'm afraid that Jimmy has his work cut out for him. Caleb has already told me that if the tiger on the movie can bite a bear's bottom, then there's no reason in his mind why he should be safe from this other tiger biting HIS bottom. So he needs to "stay away". Keep trying Jimmy, but you may need to get a haircut and resign from your position at King's Kids to fully earn the trust of Caleb and Alethia!

Kate and Charlotte are two girls who have really impressed me! Charlotte is 14 and Kate is 17 I believe. Last Sunday they played with the kids a lot after church and they mentioned that they'd love to take the kids to a park sometime. So we all went this past Tuesday. We had so much fun and those girls certainly got a workout. They climbed, they swung, they slid, they rode, they bounced, they jumped......they did it all!!! The kids had a blast and so did I as I watched them all play!

(Pictures from a playdate with Kate and Charlotte)

So once again, the folks here are quickly welcoming us into their family......isn't that what love is all about?? They've certainly got a lot of love flowing out of this place!

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  1. The fastest way to a Mama's heart is through her kiddos :)