Saturday, July 3, 2010


So I must admit, I've seen glimpses of Wimbledon matches this year but I've been much more occupied with following the World Cup matches. So when I awoke this morning I had no idea that it was the day for the Women's Finals. Chris got up and in his chair and spontaneously said, "Let's go to Wimbledon today. Let's hop on a train and go see the Women's Finals." Well, since I absolutely love spontaneity (it's a good thing I love it considering the man that I married.....), I immediately got excited about the idea. Chris headed for the train station and when he returned he simply said, "Our train leaves in 29 minutes, I got the tickets." YIKES!! We jumped into overdrive, got the kids dressed, bags packed and ran out the door. We got to the station with 3 whole minutes to spare!!! (Although it did turn out that we had more time, the man at the counter had told Chris the wrong departure time by 30 minutes).

(Caleb proudly and excitedly sitting on the train for his FIRST EVER real train ride!!!)

It was a picture perfect day. It really was! We got right in to general admission for a very cheap price (they let us in for 1/2 price and it was already much less expensive than I had expected) and we found a hill where you can watch the finals on giant screen. There was even a designated fenced in area for person's with disabilities where we were fortunate enough to sit.

(First view of the Wimbledon grounds)

I loved every minute of the experience.....all the people, the courts, the atmosphere, the was all great! Chris bought the kids each a giant tennis ball, which is the best souvenir ever!!! And of course, Alethia's ball is PINK - could it get any better than this??

So we got to do the kids' first train ride (that they remember), their first bus ride, and our first trip to Wimbledon all in one day!!!!

I love my husband. I love his spontaneity. I love how he grabs life and takes advantage of every opportunity. He's the best and he makes this life fun!

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  1. hi suzie & chris,
    that is a really fun story! how great to actually be at wimbleton (my sister and i watched it on tv from canada). see your van around and miss seeing you around Swiss Tower.
    leaving the parking lot the other day ben said, i miss seeing chris. know we don't know you guys real well, but you are missed :)
    krista & ben