Wednesday, August 4, 2010


One of the great programs at King's Church is called King's Kids. It's a youth event every Friday night through the schoolyear. They have it for young kids and a second event later in the evening for the teenagers. I only visited in the program for the younger kids. Caleb and Alethia really did enjoy it, although they are a bit young for it.

What the church does is have volunteers meet at the church, divide in groups, and walk out to various locations of Portsmouth to "pick up" any children that want to attend. Then they all walk back to the church together. Parents are welcomed to attend as well if they'd like to see what their children are involved in. At the end of the night the same groups walk the children back to their homes.

The actual event is quite a production. You definitely have to prepare with caffeine and earplugs!!! It's a high-energy, high-volume event that consists of games and competitions, fun music and dancing, a skit for the kids to participate in themselves, and a life lesson about Jesus. From what I observed the children who attend are shown love, fun, support, and compassion. It's an incredible program and every person involved should be pleased with what they are doing for the Lord. They are changing lives one person at a time and probably changing the course of these children's lives for eternity!

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