Wednesday, August 4, 2010


One of Caleb and Alethia's favorite places to go in Portsmouth was an area that we passed through almost every day. In the real world it's called GuildHall. However, in Caleb and Alethia's world it's called the "Step Park." They named it themselves the first time that they got to climb the steps and everytime they passed through they yelled, "the step park!!!" So I truly can't omit the memories of the step park from this blog!!!

(They each picked their lion's on the first day and they never switched. Every time we climbed the steps they each went to their own lion to sit by the tail. And on days when Daddy was able to join us the trip was accompanied by vigorous waving and yelling, "Hi Daddy!!!!" as they proudly sat perched in their spots!)

Next to the area of steps in a World War II memorial for all those soldiers who lost their lives in the war.

They loved it!!! And so did I - easy entertainment and certain to produce smiles all the way around!!!

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