Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On our third day in San Diego we had the coolest experience. We ate breakfast at an outdoor restaurant on the beach and then asked the lifeguards if there was a way for Chris to get on the beach. We happened to ask the Sargeant over the entire lifeguard staff for several beaches (the Lord always puts people with the ability to help us directly in our path without us even realizing who they are!). He said that he had a manual wheelchair and two lifeguards helped Chris get in (picture to the right). But he also called a lady who brings power beach wheelchairs 3 days per week. She showed up shortly after and the lifeguards stayed with us to help Chris into that chair as well. They were so kind and thoughtful and determined to help Chris experience the beach the way he dreamed. Chris was able to get 3 feet from the water and was able to use the chair for 4 hours - for free!!! The lady in charge of the chairs gave us booklets of programs that San Diego's therapeutic recreation department has for persons with disabilities. It was more than we've ever seen - and everything was free....amazing! Great climate, great people, great programs, great day!

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