Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Chris took care of every detail of the trip.....the plane tickets, rental van, and hotel. He was able to find a hotel 2 miles from the beach for $40 per night on and it was great! When we travel we usually try to reserve a handicapped accessible room with a roll-in shower which most hotels have. The first day we arrived no handicapped rooms were availabe.....although Chris fit through the room with less than 1/4 inch to spare, once he was in, he was in! They were able to get us in a handicapped room for the second night but they didn't have a roll-in shower available. So it was the 3rd night when we got into our third and final room. But the hotel staff were really sweet and great to work with and Chris was very patient waiting for a shower!!!

Every morning we started at the pool, soaking in the sun, reading, talking to other folks at the hotel, planning our day. Such a relaxing way to begin the day......

We met so many interesting people.....from Wisconsin, Texas, Alaska, Boston, Denmark.......and there were tons of folks there for a Marine Graduation Ceremony.....lots of proud parents! It was so fun to hear why each person was there and what their plans were. I love meeting people with Chris, I really do. It's truly one of my favorite things to do with him - to meet new people - people open up to him in the first 5 minutes and before you know it we feel like long-time friends. He's the best! There truly is only ONE Chris Skinner, and he's mine!!!

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