Sunday, March 20, 2011


Caleb's trucks......the one on the left is a bulldozer (the line extending down and to the left is the front of it).......and the one on the right is a dump truck! He LOVES drawing on the Batman board that Ms. Beth gave him! She always spoils us!

Caleb is such a loyal and loving little boy. He plays hard but he loves hard too. He really does. He's so affectionate saying his good-byes whenever Chris or I leave.....and he never likes to be without Alethia for very long. He misses his sister!

He is starting to draw more now with actual shapes, not just jagged lines and scribbles. His letters are coming along too.....we don't work on them too often, but he gradually has been trying new ones from time to time......of course he loves sidewalk chalk!

Most of all, when it comes to Caleb his Daddy is his hero - truly - I'm not just saying that for sentimental value. He really does want to grow up to be "big and strong and in a wheelchair like Daddy." Alethia asked me last week when Caleb would get his big boy wheelchair. She said she knew he'd have to wait to be a Daddy to get his big wheelchair but wanted to know if when he turns 4 he'll get his first big boy wheelchair.
I absolutely LOVE that he wants to be just like his Daddy......Daddy has strength that very few people have. He's lived through a lot and FOUGHT to live for the past 11 years, but that is what has given him his unique and focused perspective on life. I cherish the view that Chris has on life and the Lord and our marriage and our children. It brings me enormous joy to watch him teach our children.....especially watching him teach Caleb to be a man and a gentleman. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Caleb's first "person" drawing when he included all the major parts!

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