Thursday, March 17, 2011


By the 3rd week in February the snow melted and the sun started shining.....and it hasn't stopped!!!! This is the time of year when it's great to live in Dallas......60's and 70's starting in's the best!!! After being couped up for 2-3 weeks with snow and ice we headed outside and haven't come in yet!!
So much fun!!!

We somehow always have a time outside when Caleb has something in his shoe and he feels the need to wipe his foot on Mommy!!! Good to feel needed!

Alethia is still tentative at times to balance on curbs and walk but she walks this same path everyday!

Caleb eyes the prize......our big open field on Campus!

Alethia always picks "pink" chalk for her drawings.....

Both kids get to work on their art skills and letters!

I love being home and getting to enjoy these times in life with Caleb and Alethia! What a joy to experience age 3 again!

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