Monday, May 30, 2011


Alethia is such a sweet and fun person to watch grow and develop. She is social and friendly and silly. She loves to sing and dance and wear princess dresses and jewelry. She loves to imagine and create new games and stories for herself and for Caleb (I guess that's why most of Caleb's stuffed animals have either girl names or the name princess somewhere in their title! He wants his to be like hers!). And she loves to play by herself.

This is why this series of pictures from her birthday party are so precious to me. To me, they sum up Alethia right now. She was giggling and playing tag and chase with her friends one minute and then she looked around, spotted a patch of grass, and plopped herself down for about 20 minutes all by herself to create her own game.....

Singing and talking in her imaginary world.......

Suddenly aware of the camera watching her.....

And now comes the smile and joy of seeing people that she loves watching her.

And that was that. She was off and running to find her friends again!

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