Monday, May 30, 2011


Chris and Caleb.....the men of the house. This little boy loves his Daddy to the depths of his soul. Seriously, he does. He listens to Chris in a way that is different than any other person in his life. He waits for Daddy to tell him the rules, what we're doing, our plans for the day.....everything. It is so fun to watch. And because they are so similar in their personalities (it's truly amazing how similar they are) Chris has a way of reaching deep into Caleb's heart and his mind to teach him about life......I guess that's why Caleb adores his Daddy so much.....his Daddy really knows him and understands him.....what a gift.

So I am forever thankful to have these men in my life......they are a joy and a mystery to me in so many ways and that's what I love about them.

I can hear Caleb now, "Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait Daddy. Wait." (If you were around him everyday you would hear these words out of his mouth. He always wants to be ready for what's about to happen)

"Daddy you're silly." I hear these words almost daily too!

Just one more picture cuz I love them.....

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