Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Zach flew to Dallas from Virginia for 2 purposes - #1 to visit us of course, #2 to run the Dallas Rock n Roll half marathon with Chris.

So bright and early on the first full day of his visit Chris and Zach headed to the park to run laps. Chris' wheelchair vendor told him that for the race he could make a "cruise control" program in his joystick so that all he would have to do is tap it once and he'd stay the same speed, driving straight ahead without touching the control! Can you believe that's an option?? Chris was able to adjust the speed to different levels and that was what he really wanted to practice the day before the race - to see what speed he would use to match Zachary's pace.

Because we're the Skinner's and circumstances are rarely EXACTLY what we expect them to be, there is a funny story associated with this first day of training......

They went to the park and when Chris hit the joystick for the first time he took off at 8 mph (unexpectedly....he thought it would ramp up in speed) across the grass, over a small tree, over multiple bumps and dips before stopping just inches from a downward curb which would have sent him sailing head-first into the road!!!! Chris said when he took off is was so fast that his body was thrown against the backrest of the chair and he had a hard time reaching the joystick to stop it. He said he was yelling for Zachary to help, but Zach didn't hear him and thought he had everything under control! It was funny to hear Zach. He said he thought it was odd for Chris to take off like that on the grass instead of the paved path, but figured Chris did it with some purpose in mind!

After some time they got in their groove and enjoyed a 5 mile run on a beautifully hot and sunny Dallas morning.....

Zach's not used to Texas' 100% humidity and high temperatures early on a March morning! Nothing like a little sweat dripping from your nose!

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