Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So, if you remember, 2 days before the race it was hot and sunny and Zachary needed to adjust.....the day before was the same.....the morning of the race however - 45 degrees and cloudy with no sun!!! SERIOUSLY??!!?? Not exactly Quad weather!!! Just ask anyone who is quadriplegic what they think of 45 degrees with no sun and you'll quickly hear about the misery! Chris can't regulate his body temperature, so his body sort of functions as if he's cold-blooded.....which means that he FREEZES on days like this!! You should've seen the number of layers he had on! But THEY DID IT!!!!

This picture was taken at mile 11......2 more to go!!!!

There were too many people and too many potholes to use cruise control so Chris definitely needed some icy-hot massaging and hot packs when he was finished! His shoulders were so sore! He said everytime he tried to stop to rest someone would run right into the back of his chair.....power chairs don't exactly have a gradual stop, they either stop or they go so for anyone behind him it's like suddenly running into a wall when he stops (probably not so comfy on the knees!).

There they go......

I was sooo excited to get to see them! I had to work that day but they were running a few blocks from where I worked at this point in the race. I called Chris right when I had my first break and he said I had a few minutes until they'd be passing by. I grabbed my camera and took off running and fortunately caught them just in time for some photo-ops!!! I always get excited at races!! I would have soooo much fun volunteering at a water station of a big race......cheering for everyone as they run adrenaline starts to rush even now as I envision it!! (I know, I'm weird....but maybe some of you can relate......races are just FUN for me! I love 'em!)

I was sooo proud of Chris! And he said that despite the weather he really had an awesome time! Maybe we'll do a race just the two of us some day......or maybe the four of us.....I do have a double-jogging stroller you know.......hmmmm......what fun!

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