Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Shortly after returning from San Diego we had another GREAT weekend - Chris' cousin Zachary came to town for a visit! It was such a great nice for Chris to have such a close friend and close family come to town. Chris and Zachary have been talking a lot more often since Patrick passed away and it was just great to finally have him in Dallas all to ourselves!!!

Of course Chris packed the whole weekend with activities - the first night they went to a Mavericks game for really cheap. When Chris goes to any game or stadium event he always has to take his tickets to the counter and exchange them for seats in the handicapped seating section. Typically you'll get the handicapped seating on the same level as your tickets. However, this night Chris went to the counter and told the guy what a special night it was to have Zachary in town and how he REALLY wants Zach to become a Mavs fan......

Before you knew it they had the best tickets Chris had ever gotten! Lower level seating....close enough to the floor that on one of the commercial breaks the cheerleaders surrounded Chris and Zach and they all cheered on the TV camera as they went to a commercial break! That's MY Chris!!! (See, there are some perks to being in a wheelchair, you just have to grab them when they're within your reach!)

Zach is a WONDERFUL Daddy of two sweet girls, so he knew just what to do to win the kids hearts - lots of hugs and tickles!

Chris has said since day one that Caleb's ticklish-ness (is that a word?? well, you know what I mean) reminds him of Zachary as a kid.

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