Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's official, Caleb has adopted his Daddy's way of talking to ANYONE about ANYTHING.....

Tonight we had some close friends over for dinner and afterwards Chris and all the kids were playing in the back while Beth (the mommy), Caleb, and I were still sitting at the table. Beth and I started talking about different recipes and ways to get variety in our "typical" dinners. Beth was specifically talking about getting more varieties of fruit in when Caleb chimed in.....

"Yeah, Momo makes a lot of different pies too. She makes strawberry pie and cherry pie and apple pie. She has a lot of different ones. One time I think she tried blueberry pie but it didn't work. But she does make strawberry and cherry. She does. Yeah, she does."

I could do nothing but laugh. He was able to fit right in to our "mommy" conversation!! Just like Daddy. Chris has a way of contributing to EVERY conversation that surrounds's amazing!

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