Monday, July 4, 2011


We did it!!! Caleb and Coach Chris finished their first sports season - YMCA T Ball!
They had their pizza and pool party last week and the trophies were received! Coach Chris picked out the trophies and I must admit he did a very good job. I didn't even know they made T ball trophies! Caleb's trophy now sits proudly on his dresser right next to his bed to that every night he can look at it before he goes to bed.

He had to show it to Daddy first, of course.....he loves his Daddy!

And the best part for me was when he immediately turned to Alethia and let her hold it and look at it right after he got it back from Daddy! He said, "I have to share it with Lae Lae, she'll love it!"
He's such a sweet brother!

He also got a medal with the trophy, so that was extra fun!!!

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