Thursday, May 17, 2012


For Christmas we got tickets to some FC Dallas soccer games - SO FUN!!!  

The kids LOVED it and so did Chris and I of course!  We went on a perfect evening of weather.....

and had GREAT seats at midfield!  All the handicapped seats in the stadium are great......great view of the game and on the same level as bathrooms and food.  So there's easy access to everything you could want.....and you don't have to wait for elevators or anything! So nice. 

The kids and Chris got corndogs - real ones - fresh, greasy, and hot!  I'm not a corndog kind of gal, so I skipped that experience!

Spunky Monkey decided to wear her monkey jammies and monkey ears.  She was sooo excited!

Caleb wore his Redsox shirt because FC Dallas has the same colors.

Ahh, my Chris.  So fun to enjoy an evening like this with him.  Enjoying our children and the excitement of a game.  

They even won!  With 40 seconds remaining in extra minutes the had an awesome shot and scored!!!  The stadium went wild and they had fireworks too!  What an adrenaline rush!  The kids went crazy - jumping and yelling and clapping!  It was sooo fun!

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