Thursday, May 17, 2012


I'm sure, for those of you reading these posts, you may get tired of just "normal" pictures like this - not artistic, not fancy,  not amazing.  But for me, these "out takes" make me smile.  I look at them and feel so incredibly blessed.  

I have a husband who truly loves me and tells me everyday.  He lives "in the present" more than anyone else I've ever known.....and I LOVE it!  I need it.  I'm a planner and a do-er/task master.  So I need some "seizing the moment" in my life.  He has brought such adventure and excitement and laughter into my life and into my heart and I adore him.  I really do!

ALETHIA - She really is spunky!  She is like her Daddy in her happy disposition and joy.  She is relaxed and flexible and tremendously joyful.  She's creative and musical and can play with anything.....she LOVES to build and solve any puzzle.....she's so spatial and observes A LOT.....she picks up on things around her that I completely miss!  She is a delight to watch grow and I am so incredibly thankful that I get to be her Mommy and watch her grow and develop every day of her life!  

CALEB - Oh Caleb!  He is such a mix of Chris and I.  He is competitive and bold and determined and athletic and VERY verbal (he shares every thought and feeling he has!)......he's detail-oriented, he LOVES to learn about everything in creation and then explain every fact that he learned.......he's  compassionate and loving and protective and loyal, very loyal.

I love them all and I know that I have been given a precious gift from the Lord with each one of them.

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