Thursday, May 3, 2012


My husband, the sports fan.....I LOVE it!  He got us tickets to one of the Mavs final games of the season before the playoffs.  I've had people ask how it works to go to games in a wheelchair with the tickets, so let me explain......

Chris buys tickets like everyone else.  He doesn't have to worry about only getting handicapped seats when he purchases them.  Once he has them, he brings the purchased tickets to the ticket counter at the game and asks them to exchange them for handicapped seats in the same level.  Most of the time he gets them, but sometimes he gets blessed and the ticket salesman givews him tickets at a better level.  It's really fun when that happens!!  

This night we were still up high, same level he purchased, but we got to meet a really awesome guy who just graduated from high school.  He and his mom got season tickets to the MAVS to celebrate.  He was in handicapped seating because he has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, and is nonverbal (he's unable to verbally communicate).  We always seem to meet really cool people in the handicapped section.  I guess that's because folks in that area have all been through some tough times and we all really can be thankful for the fun, lighthearted time of enjoying a game.  

Another perk to handicapped seating is that oftentimes the people who work in that section will be kind enough to talk to you and help with little or big things that you need.  For me, going to games or concerts with Chris is totally different than with other people simply because I get to meet so many of the people who work there and the people that we sit with, more than if I just sit in regular seats.  

The Mavs lost to the Clippers that night, but it was really fun to see the game and enjoy the time out together.  I really, really love that about my husband.  He gets so pumped for games and makes it a blast to go.  

I remember one night in Dallas when my mom was visiting and babysitting, that Chris and I went out on a date.  We started out at Barnes and Noble for coffee and to just relax but after a little while, Chris mentioned that there was a Mavs game that night against the Lakers.  We sat and looked at each other for about 5 minutes, then jumped in the van to head to the stadium and just see if we could get's fun to try anyway, even if we couldn't get tickets!  (What you need to know is that when you go anywhere with Chris Skinner, he has a way of making things happen - I think the Lord just gives us a little gift to keep our spirits high when we need it).

Anyway, we got to the stadium, parked the van (a perk of being in a wheelchair, good parking), and headed to the ticket windows and crowd.  We found one man selling tickets outside for $300 each!  YIKES!  We kept walking and listening to conversations (eavesdropping to see if anyone had an extra ticket).  Chris asked one of the employees how much tickets were going for and he also said $300.  At that time a lady walked up to me and said, "Do you need tickets?"  I said yes and she gave me an extra ticket that she had.  When Chris looked he said it was lower level seating and cost more than $300!  We went to the ticket window to see what it would cost to buy another ticket and the man just looked at us, smiled, left his seat, returned in a few minutes with a ticket, and charged us $30!  We thought he exchanged my ticket to the upper level, but he didn't.  He gave us the lowest level seating we could get and the seats were awesome!  We got to our seats while they were warming up and loved every minute of our spontaneous outing!  I think sometimes people do give us grace when they see our situation.....and we take every bit of it we can get!!  Again, I love that Chris is willing to take a chance, to still be spontaneous despite a medical condition that all but ends spontaneity.  He takes a chance and it fills me up with tons of memories and crazy stories!  I'm so grateful for him!  

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