Saturday, May 5, 2012


In case you don't know, the Skinners are sports fans.  It's just the way it is.  In the fall we are Redskins fans, in the winter we are UNC Tarheel fans, and in the spring and summer we are REDSOX FANS!  
(I feel the need to clarify my last sentence.....we are year round fans of each of these teams, but we specifically watch their games during the seasons I listed.  I'm pretty sure my husband would strongly disagree at the idea that we are only Redskin fans in the fall!)

This year on opening day we shared our tradition with the kids!!!

So, what is our tradition??

1.  We all put on our Redsox gear - hats, shirts, socks, etc. (everything Redsox that we own)
2.  Alethia and Mommy go to the store to buy hotdogs, gummy worms, and sunflower seeds
3.  Caleb and Daddy watch interviews and read articles about the Redsox leading up to the game
4.  We all gather round for the pregame festivities - national anthem and throwing out the ball
5.  We all watch the first pitch of the first inning and THEN start cooking our hotdogs.  It's very important to wait for the first pitch to be thrown (I'm not sure why, but I've been told by Chris that that's the tradition!)
6.  We all eat hotdogs together!
7.  We hang out and play in the room while the game is on.....eating gummy worms as desired

You may wonder what makes this tradition fun.  Well, if you're asking, it means that you've never watched a sporting event with Chris Skinner.  He makes all sports fun even if you don't like them.  Seriously.  I can't tell you how many fans he has created just by his passion and excitement!   He gets us all pumped up with music and trivia and videos.  The kids pile on his lap on his red chair and he tells us about all the players.  For me, he tells me certain players' life stories (the ones that are inspiring) so that I feel connected and want them to reach their dreams and win on their team!  For Caleb he gives the stats of the players and tells him how hard they work and what skills he likes in each player, etc.  For Alethia all he has to do is cheer and she gets excited, jumps on his lap, and yells, "Go Redsox! Go Redsox!"

It really is fun!  

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