Friday, June 1, 2012


Alethia's Dance Recital is here!!!!!  The long-awaited day has arrived!!!

I must say, I had a bit of anxiety preparing to create my first "ballet bun".  But we did it!  It even stayed in all day!  I couldn't believe it!

Not bad, huh??  I sat with our notebook in front of me to follow Ms. Adrienne's step by step directions......a necessity for me for sure!

And then we added the eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.....oh, was she excited about that.  She could hardly sit still she was so ready to go the the show!

She got on her costume to do her dress rehearsal......she was a little quiet at this point but only until her classmates arrived.  Then she became the excited little girl that she always is in dance class.

After the dress rehearsal we had enough time before the performance for pizza and ice-cream!  A fun day for all Skinners!

Caleb really was so proud of Alethia.  He cheered for her while she was on the stage and he was giddy as if he were about to play a soccer game.  He knew how excited she was to be Tinkerbelle on stage!
What a sweet brother!

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