Friday, June 1, 2012


I was so excited that I got to be a "backstage mom".  Although it was a bit intimidating when I read the directions and the first item listed said, 

"Hair and make-up must be perfect"

 I honestly didn't even remember that "rouge" was blush  (I intially thought it was another name for lipstick!  I know you're not really supposed to admit these things, but it's true!)  So hair and make-up are not my specialty, but playing with the girls was so much fun!  We got to take them in the balcony to watch the first 8 classes perform before we went backstage to prepare for our dance.  They were all so giddy and excited....and a bit chatty.....good thing there weren't many spectators surrounding us!

And then they took the stage!!!!

Their teacher, Ms.Adrienne, had a Tinkerbelle costume too and was on the stage with them, which is why they were all looking to the left as they danced and followed her to remember their routine.

Alethia's smile did not leave her face from the time we left the dressing room until we left the stage!  She was sooooo excited!

She just loved the whole experience - the hair, the make-up, the costume, the lights, the wand, the applause - she loved it all.

Once they were off stage again and they'd relaxed for a few minutes she asked me when they got to go back on stage and dance again.  She was pretty bummed when I told her that her part was finished.  She just wanted to do it over and over!

What a fun experience for Mommy too!  To see Alethia so happy and excited brought joy to my heart!

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