Friday, June 1, 2012


The performance was a success!  All the girls came and seemed to have fun!  So afterwards we watched a few more performances and then enjoyed each other as we waited for parents to arrive.

Below is Alethia with one of her favorite friends.  Out of 10 girls in her class, there were 3 sets of Boy-Girl twins......and Caleb was on the same soccer team as one of the twin brothers!  So it was a fun year of sports for all the kids as they spent time with each other at practices and classes.

I just thought this was too precious to not take a picture......the girls loved looking out the huge windows of the dressing room area.

Our surprise at then end - Caleb bought flowers for Alethia and Chris bought flowers for me!!!!  Thanks Skinner men!!!

Oopsy Daddy, flowers are hard to control.....Alethia had a hard time not covering up Daddy's face!

One of the twin boys always waited in the lobby during class, so he and Caleb became good little Lego buddies!

Proud brother!

Alethia, I had such a wonderful time being your Backstage Mommy and I loved, loved, loved watching you have so much fun on stage and with your friends!  I love your joy and excitement!  I've enjoyed everything about your first dance class this year and am just excited to see the joy in your eyes every Tuesday when it's
Dance Class!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your joy!  I love you, my sweet pea!

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