Sunday, June 3, 2012


Chris had some speaking engagements in April in Virginia and all four of us were able to fly back home and stay in Radford for the week.  What fun!  We bounced from house to house as we usually do with one of our stops being with our friends Kasey and Dallas.  Gramps was faithful in following us wherever we went - getting his hands on our kiddos.

It's really fun to see how comfortable and relaxed the kids are when we visit Virginia.  They've heard so many stories from when we used to live there when they were babies, and I think they feel like we know EVERYONE in the state! 
They certainly love Kasey and Dallas' home!  

The kids all had so much fun with each other this week and I had a blast getting to know their little ones......

We all felt the comfort of home as we watched the Redskins Draft their new quarterback, RG3, in the home of fellow Redskin lovers!  You can tell Caleb was a little nervous with anticipation before the selection......

Alethia, however, wasn't overly tied emotionally to RG3 - she just likes being in a room of excited family members!

A good time was had by all!

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