Saturday, August 25, 2012


Chris was soo excited when we got our new grille.  He hasn't tried grilling on his own since rehab 12 years ago!  No time like the present.....

He told me to wrap his hand around a long fork and wrap it with an ACE wrap....then it was all him!

The kids played in the sprinkler while they waited for lunch.....a perfectly sunny day to be outside!

For those of you who remember that Chris can't feel, and therefore can't feel the heat of the grille on his arm or hand.....fear not!  I was there to constantly nag him, and ask if he's ok, and remind him not to linger long!  Of course he's a grown man and doesn't need me to remind him, but I just can't help myself!!!  I tried  Honey!
We've healed plenty of burn wounds over the past 12 years, so I'm a little overprotective of his skin when it comes to open flames!  (You know, knuckles melted to the gas fireplace in our living room....blistered wrist after resting it on a space heater while chatting with a friend......and I think another time of knuckle burns.....NOT FUN to not be able to feel your body!  But we've learned a lot about burns and healing skin!  More than I ever wanted to know!)

The finished product - BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS!!!
Thanks Sweetheart!

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