Saturday, August 25, 2012


Being back in Virginia, Chris decided he would try fishing again for the first time since his accident. He had a simple plan to start.  He bought a cane pole (no reel, just a bamboo pole with line and a hook).  He had us ACE wrap his hand around the pole and stabilized the end closest to himself under his armpit and one the backrest of the chair.  He caught a few fish too!!!!

A few weeks later we attended a Virginia Wheelin Sportsmen event for the state of Virginia.  This group helps to make hunting and fishing and outdoor activities accessible for people with disabilities.  They have a few events throughout the year for people to attend and enjoy getting ideas from each other and building friendships.  

One of the gentlmen had a Strongarm brace to use for fishing and holding the rod.  He was nice enough to let Chris borrow it for a bit to try casting out the line.  I don't know anything about fishing, but Chris seemed to do well with the Strongarm, using his mouth to hold the line during the cast.

Fortunately the event was held near Chris' cousin, Zach's house so we picked up Zach and his wife, Melissa, on the way.....they were a great help of course, as well as super fun!

Caleb had a great time fishing as welll....

He caught his first small mouth bass!!!  Daddy even kissed it for him - yuck!

What a great event and a great experience for all of us to be around so many people in wheelchairs who are going after their hobbies full-speed.  There are so many amazing people out there!

This last picture is the kids with Robin, Chris' long term mentor who's been paralyzed since he was 16 years old - an absolutely amazing man!
(Robin is the head of Wheelin Sportsman for the state of Virginia - so great to see him again!!)

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