Sunday, October 28, 2012


The day is here.....I can't believe it, but I can.....they really are ready.....but it still feels weird to me!!

Two days before school started we all went to an open house at their school with an ice-cream social.  It was great to meet the parents and their teacher and see the classroom.  On that day, Alethia was a bit nervous and wanted to stay close to our sides.  She didn't even play on the playground, just wanted to stay up with us and watch the kids play.  She IS an observer still!  Just like when she was an infant!

On the contrary, Caleb was super excited and loved the open house.  He was really getting pumped up for school and talked about it over and over!

But, just 2 days later, when the REAL morning arrived, they flip-flopped - Alethia woke up ready to go, and Caleb was very nervous (as you can see in this picture!  By the way, is my husband handsome or what!?!  Seriously, look at that man!  I love him so much!)

My favorite quote of the morning was Alethia's.....we woke her up at 6:00am and it was still dark ourside.  She opened her eyes and said, "Wow Mommy, I didn't realize we go to school at night and come  home in the morning!"  She was used to getting up around 7:30 so it certainly did look different outside at 6:00!  So cute!
She was honestly dressed and ready in about 15 minutes total!

We made it to the school!

It was an exciting morning for everyone and the principle took pictures of each family as they arrived!

Caleb's nerves turned to excitement as we neared the classroom....

Alethia just stayed excited!

We got to their room and found their cubbies and seats!

One final hug good-bye!

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