Friday, January 25, 2013


You know, there are many things that I really love and respect and admire about my Chris.  He really goes after life.  He has so many obstacles every day and every night that he has to overcome just to get through a day.......and YET, he plans dates and outings and fun things for us to go to a HOKIE Basketball game!

Granted, to go out at night Chris has to plan around his needs.  For instance, in order to keep his pressure sore closed he can't stay up in his wheelchair from 6:00 am (when he normally gets up so that he's in his wheelchair to help the kids get ready for school and be with them during breakfast) to 9:00 pm.  So what he has to do is get in bed at some point during the day.  If he chooses to stay in bed first thing in the morning then he has to find someone during the day who can come over and help him get up in his wheelchair.  The problem with that is the person really has to get him sitting correctly in the wheelchair in order to keep the pressure sore from opening/worsening (and right now there are only 3 people who know how to do this well). 
OR he can choose to get up in the wheelchair in the morning, then find someone to get him in bed for a few hours and wait for me to get home so that I can help him get back up in the wheelchair before the game.  That's what he usually does, but it is hard on him to be in bed during the day since he can't hold water/drinks,  hold books.....if he drops his phone then he can't ask anyone for help until I get home.....if he drops his medication then he can't take them on time......he can't control his body temperature or the room temperature from the bed so sometimes he gets overheated or freezes for a long time.....ANYWAY, it's a challenge!!

A challenge that's worth it in his mind.  Even though it's hard on him, he still chooses to go through these challenges during the day so that we can go out at night and do something "different", something "fun", something that keeps our spark and our excitement about life and each other.  I'm so thankful for this attitude and perspective that he has.  I wish I could say that I'm always aware of how much physical comfort Chris sacrifices in order to do fun things with me or with the kids, but sadly I'm not.  I don't always remember.....I don't always pause to consider things from his perspective.....I don't always thank him for his sacrifice.....but I'm so thankful when I do slow down enough to REALLY see him, to REALLY see his pain and his willpower, to really see his deep love for us and for experiencing life.  It may not be a simple and an easy life, but he seizes it anyway.....every bit of it that he can!  

I can look back at simple pictures like these and instead of seeing basketball, I see the love of a husband who sacrifices every bit of physical comfort in order to take me out and enjoy life outside of our home.  And for that I am so incredibly grateful.  Oh how the Lord has blessed me by giving me such a loving and caring husband!

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