Friday, January 25, 2013


One of the beautiful Fall days this year we headed to Bissett Park to enjoy the sunshine while we had it!

Caleb wanted to play football so badly.  He wants to play "real" football in a league but I just can't bring myself to say yes.  Every time I think of it I just think about the paralyzed patients that I've treated and known over the years from football.  I just can't do it!  Too many head and neck injuries for a sport!

So he'll just have to be satisfied with playing "unofficially" !

Caleb has really learned how to be "coachable".  He really listens well to Chris in whatever sport he is playing!  Chris has been so faithful and patient in trying to teach sports without hands or the ability to demonstrate!  He says it's sooo frustrating, but as long as he sees Caleb having fun, it's worth it!   They had a blast on this day!

Alethia and Gramps had fun on the playground equipment and swinging!

And I just enjoyed watching everyone!

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