Saturday, June 15, 2013


In March we took a trip to our new home to check on the progress made.  We were so blessed to have builders who are quick and thorough....our house was changing daily and getting so close to completion!!  

We had a chance to meet some of our neighbors while we were there.  One family said they'll be willing to help us with anything we need - trips to the store, help with meals, help with unpacking, help with learning the area, help with ANYTHING!

And....would you believe this.....
we pulled up to the house and a young girl was standing outside the neighboring home.  After a few questions we found that she is 5 years old, loves hide and seek, and knows the Redskins fight song by heart.  Yes, you heard right, there are Redskin fans next door, Eagles fans behind us, Cowboys fans cutting the neighbors lawn, Giants fans on the corner......We've got the NFC East covered!

The kids played with their new friend for an hour while we checked out the house.  Lots of fun was had.....they played hide and seek, made forts, and played tag.  

And what a great gift - Momo came with us this weekend!

She showered us with hugs and kisses

The kids got to paint and race plastic ducks in the hotel pool

And Chris ad I got to take one step closer to our dream!

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