Wednesday, January 29, 2014


These pictures weren't taken on the same day, or at the same events, or at the same locations.  They are just a mixture of highlights from this summer......a flashback of memories for me that remind me of our first summer living in Myrtle Beach!  

Our ever-so-happy Alethia!  Because we live so close to an outdoor shopping area, Chris is now able to take the kids on as many Daddy dates as he wants!  With the weather usually sunny and the roads and sidewalks flat with smooth curb cuts it's much easier for him to "take off" on his own adventures with the kids.  All 3 of them have come alive with this new freedom and it's been great for me as well to see them all happy and to have some of my "precious" alone time that I enjoy!  This is a glimpse of Alethia's joy....a trip to Starbucks, Cold Stone, Frozen Yogurt Shop, the park, the baseball fields, the soccer fields, the beach, the pier, or the playground......freedom in all directions!

Ahhhh - our first crab!!!  This crab crawled out of the sand dune onto a lady's towel right near us at the beach one day!  Unfortunately for her, she was lying on the towel at the time!  The crab found a chicken finger and then took off sideways along the cool!  The gentleman who found her put her in a bucket and showed her to all of us who were nearby.  I must say I'm glad she was in a bucket....if I saw it first I'd jump up and run like a little girl for sure!!!

There's nothing like heading to the beach even if it's just for an hour to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea after work.  For me, a short trip to the beach still feels like a vacation and changes my thoughts and perspective for the rest of the evening.....much more relaxed!

And we CAN'T go to the beach without our goldfish crackers!!!!

AND......our goggles!  When we first got here the kids still didn't like getting water in their Momo got them these FUN goggles!  They didn't last long!  They'd much rather get their faces wet and swim without goggles now!

I love these memories that I have.  So very thankful for them!

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