Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's sooooo much fun living at the beach......I just don't think I can describe it well enough to truly convey how much I enjoy it!    

When we first got to Myrtle Beach Chris didn't have a way to get onto the beach.  Other beaches have paved walkways out to the water at various locations, but Myrtle Beach does not.  However, they do have some Beach Wheelchairs that are free to use for anyone who needs assistance getting onto the beach.    They are manual chairs that must be pushed by someone else, but they get you on the beach!  So was great!

Because Chris is so tall, he's not comfortable sitting in one of these beach wheelchairs and needs a chest strap to keep his balance fully.  So he decided to get into a regular beach chair.  We found one with a tall backrest, put the cushion from his wheelchair onto the beach chair and then found help to lift him from the beach wheelchair into the regular beach chair.   The beach chair was a great idea because he was "level" with everyone else.  He wasn't sitting lower or higher than everyone else, just sitting at the same height.  The kids' LOVED IT.  They love having easy access to their Daddy physically and sitting on the sand in a regular beach chair was it!!!

Of course we had to do regular pressure reliefs to help Chris move around in different positions so that he didn't develop any wounds from having too much pressure over any part of his body.   It's so easy for him to develop wounds or pressure sores.  So he has to be very careful about how much time he spends in any one position.

But what an awesome day was had.....and many, many more this summer......enjoying the salt and the sand of the beach! 

I love this man.

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